About Kristi Ellen

Kristi Ellen The Mosaic Shaman, As a Certified Shaman and Soul Coach Lives from a place of authentic understanding that allows her to see the Devine in all she meets. Through her Shamanic healing gift she can change the archetypal structure held in the body.  Releasing trapped emotions and freeing the body and mind so the soul can assist in healing.

As an ambassador for peaceful and conscious living Kristi Ellen inspires people to make positive change in their lives. She is willing to stay with you when others might walk away.  She does not hold the mold others do and she is willing to see people as they are.

Kristi Ellen’s Journey of discovery has taken her all around this beautiful world. She has sat in sacred ceremony with the mayan elders as the seven sacred skulls came across the USA. She has walked the path of the toltec in Teotihuacan, city of the God’s in Mexico,  She was honored to sit in sweat lodge with the 10 grandmothers from different tribes all over the world in Costa Rica. Kristi walked the Inca trail of the Mayans learning the Shaman’s way from the Q’eros elders of Peru. She sat in the sacred site of Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat. Blessed by monks in Thailand and Holy men in Bali.

Kristi Ellen’s own connection to nature, Pachamama our earth mother and her linage is a mix of Native American, Welch, Scottish, and the Druids of Ireland. Kristi’s message is to change the negative stories that you tell yourself about life experiences and live a life free from self inflicted  suffering.

Kristi Ellen is known for her ability to use different forms of artistic expression to help her clients heal their emotional wounds that are holding them back.

Kristi Ellen’s love of art and personal development have led her to work with many different world-renowned teachers including; Victoria Allen, Sonia Choquette, Denise Linn, Debbie Ford, Dr Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and Alberto Villoldo Ph.D of the Four Winds Society in Utah and Peru which led her to start her own life coaching business called Soul Healer’s Path.


As the creator of the Mosaic Healing Gardens, Kristi found a safe place to invite and encourage people to come and heal.  Today she shares her dynamic ability to engage and effectively create change in the lives of her listeners with her own internet radio talk show called “Welcome to the Mosaic Gardens” on the 7th Wave Channel of VoiceAmerica, the leader in internet media.

She is also a workshop presenter, life coach, and teaches her students how to use spirit meditative dance, mosaic art, and writing to create new stories that help support them in accomplishing their goals.

Kristi is currently looking for opportunities to share her concept of “The Art of Healing” to “remind others to create and share their unique gifts with the world” with large audiences at local and national conferences.


Kristi Ellen Peterson

“ Releasing trapped emotions and freeing the body up to heal."

Dear Kristi,

Kristi Ellen, The Mosaic Shaman, lives in a place of authentic understanding that allows her the ability to see the Devine in all she meets. Through her shamanic healing gift she can change the archetypal structure held in the body. Releasing trapped emotions and freeing the body up to heal. As an ambassador for peaceful, inspiring, and conscious living, she inspires people to make positive changes in their own lives.

Patty Audery 

"She is a wonderful host who takes the time to connect her guests and her audience"

“It was such a pleasure being on Mosaic Garden with Kristi Peterson.  She is a wonderful host who takes the time to connect her guests and her audience in a gentle, heart-centered manner.  Because we had a longer time than I generally do when doing a radio interview, I really felt like one of Kristi’s family. Kristi brings her unique view of the world and leads her guests down surprising and delightful paths that expand everyone’s thinking. We need more radio shows like this one!”

Jen Coken – Author, speaker, comedian and life coach

"Thank you for opening the door for me to change directions"

“I wanted to send you a huge thank you for not only hosting me on your radio show, but for also opening the door for me to change directions.  I had a very strange experience while I was doing your show of bouncing back and forth between myself and my higher self. After a week or so of allowing the stillness to lead me, I realized that it is time for me to take a bigger stand.  To step further out of the shadows.  I know this may not make sense to you, but I wanted to thank you for helping me through that shift.”

Deeia Topp

Award-winning design firm Deeia M. Topp Interiors and Author of Complicated…by Design.

“I have been blessed many times over!”

Kristi has been my mentor for two years… I have been blessed many times over and my business has increased.

Going into the New Year I feel stronger and more confidence in myself and I can see a brighter future coming on.”

Nola S.

“She gives soul coaching instructions!”

As a friend and sister in spirit, Kristi has gently guided me to manifest performance in my life.

By her loving light and aligned will, she gives soul coaching instructions to clear negative energies.

Terri P., Namaste

“Solid and caring friendship!”

I appreciate Kristi for the solid and caring friendship, her strength of character and her willingness to be non-judgemental.

Gunter S.

How Can Kristi Ellen Help You Heal Yourself?

Kristi Ellen is so effective with her clients because she is willing to talk about things that no one else wants to discuss.

She has experience working with people who might feel like they don’t know how to move out of where they are at because they are working through a divorce, depression, suicide, cancer, and other life events. She has been in your situation and knows what it’s like… and she has worked through it.

Kristi has worked with well-renowned specialists in the fields of personal development, alternative health, mentoring, life coaching, and shamanic practice.

She can help you apply the same action steps and concepts that she used to your life. Are you ready to stop wasting time and money trying to learn new concepts of how to heal yourself?



Kristi has trained with many different leaders


Life Coach Mentor – 3Key Elements
Emotion Code – Dr. Bradley Nelson
Shaman Practioner – Four Winds Society
Soul Coach – Denise Linn
Six Sensory Certification – Sonia Choquette
The Four Agreements – Victoria Allen
Relationship Workshop – Debbie Ford