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Share Your Personal Struggles with Someone Who Can Help

If you have attended retreats, tried coaching sessions and nothing has helped in the long term there is another option for you.

Would you like to:

  • Heal yourself from the inside out?
  • Build the life you want with confidence?
  • Discover who you were meant to be?
  • Confidently work through problems in your life?
  • Use art to express yourself?

Call Kristi Ellen today to help you choose your path

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Kristi Ellen

Serpent is the first direction on the medicine wheel in the South. It is Awareness, the element of Earth and held in the 1st Chakra.
Serpent brings awareness to what is not working in your life and creates a vision for the life you want to be living.

Jaguar is the second direction on the medicine wheel in the West. It is Education, the element of fire and is held in the third Chakra.
In Jaguar you will learn the tools and techniques necessary to deal with the past and to create a vision for the future.

Hummingbird is the third direction on the medicine wheel in the North. It is Action, the element of wind in the fifth Chakra.
In Hummingbird, you will learn the action steps necessary to take accountability and make healthier choices for lifelong change.

Eagle is the fourth direction on the medicine wheel in the East. It is Support, the element of water and is held in the 6th chakra the third eye.

Eagle is the highest direction on the medicine wheel it connects you to your higher self to your God source. Allowing you to move out of your problems to see things from a higher perspective.

Let the stories of the past go by clearing all blocks that might be keeping you from living the life of your dreams. We will be working with the energy of your body to allow your body to heal and move forward. Using the movement of dance, art, and music we walk the medicine wheel into a new understand of yourself and your purpose on the earth.

We are all a mosaic piece in each other’s lives.

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