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Presenter: Kristi Ellen (The Mosaic Shaman)
Date: TBA

Cost: TBA

Come and join us as we create a new and loving connection through the art of dance, body alignment and mosaic art. Spirit Meditation Dance takes the inward focus of meditation and moves it outward into the movement of dance. This weekend is an invitation to celebrate our differences, as we let go of the old stories that are held in the body. We can create a unity of joy together by bringing the body, mind, and spirit into a new way of being. This allows us to have the experience of freedom and connection, with love and empowerment, allowing healing of the heart. In addition, we will create a beautiful piece of mosaic art to take home as a reminder that we are all an important piece of the mosaic in each other’s lives. Yoga West welcomes Kristi!

Hi, I am Kristi Ellen I am a life coach and “The Mosaic Shaman.” I host the radio talk show “Welcome to the Mosaic Gardens” on Voice America’s 7th Wave Internet radio Tuesdays at 2 pm mountain time. I created Healing Gardens, a sustainable garden surrounded by my Mosaic art. I also facilitate Soul Healers Path life coaching. I teach healing through the arts. Having studied at the Mosaic Institute of Art in San Francisco, I use the beauty of the natural and mystical worlds as inspiration for my creations. Traveling the world, I learn about other people and their cultures which I bring home and add to my healing practice. I love life and feel that this world is a gift to be shared and respected by all. We are the caretakers of the Earth, a piece of mosaic in each other’s lives. It is my mission to assist in reminding others of their unique gift to create as I share my gift with you. Enjoy and may you walk in light. Namaste

Contact: Kristi Ellen at (435) 260-9598, or email

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