When you think about how amazing the mind is that it can beat your heart, breathe your lungs and flow blood through out the entire body without you even having to think about it. It makes perfect sense that it can also store memories of past advents without you being fully aware of them. I often tell my clients that just because you think a thought does not make it real. Thoughts are just that thoughts and when they go unchecked they become emotions and then behaviors. The average person has 50,000-70,000 a day. There is no way you could remember all those thoughts. It would drive you crazy. So the brain picks and choose which thought to store and which one to remind you of. It will pull up a thought and responsive emotion attached to that thought based on past experiences. If you are not aware of your thoughts then you will react from a place of automatic reaction. Often times that will not get you the result you desire in life. In life we have experiences that happen. This is true for everyone. Life is full of these experiences some are what we call good and some are what we call bad. I have come to see through out my study of life and life’s patterns over four decades that an experiences is just that an experience unless you attach meaning to that experience and then it be comes a story and from your story then your behavior and how you see and live life is formed. I call it your story because that is just what it is a story based on your personal life experiences. Not ever one will see the experience the same way. I have and example of this. One Christmas I decided to make sandwiches to take to the shelter and hand out to the men there after they finished work. I employed the help of two for my female friends and their children. We made 100 sandwiches and took them to an area in Salt Lake that is very poor next to the men’s shelter. As I handed out me sandwiches I had the fun experience of shaking hands and talking to the men about there day. I left with a joy in my heart. As I got back in the car and we started our drive home. The other two woman turned to me and said that they would never do that again. As I had put all our lives in danger that day. One had seen a drug deal go down and the other had seen a man with a shot gun under his coat. All I had witnessed was a police car that was parked across the street and one the circled the block a couple of time and very grateful men. Each of us had had a different experience. The power of the mind can create just what you wish it to. So what are the thoughts you are having and the stories you are telling yourself about this New Year! I am telling myself that it will be the best year ever.