Welcome to the Mosaic Garden with Kristi Ellen

Welcome to The Mosaic Garden

With Kristi Ellen – The Mosaic Shaman

I want to help you in your life by providing insight and inspiration that motivates you to take action and accomplish growth.
The more I help share the message of positive change the more the planet heals.  During the show I will be working with my listeners to help them learn how to:

  • Have enough self-confidence to know that they are enough
  • Walk through the fear that is holding you back from the life of your dreams
  • See the gift in all of life’s lessons
  • Bring your energy into the present to move forward
  • Learn when to grow from challenging experiences and when to move on

No matter how shattered your life experience may make you feel there is always something amazingly beautiful that can be created from those same experiences to inspire you to lead a heroic life.

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